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TEX and IECEx for Atmospheres with Potentially Explosive Gases

With our new UL ATEX certificate and UL IECEx certificate, Stat-X® electric operated aerosol fire suppression units are now certified to be in enclosed environments classified as a hazardous area. These units are certified by UL and are authorized to bear both the UL listing mark and the ATEX mark.*

This new family will be referred to as our Stat-X® EX electric model aerosol fire suppression units. This product line complements, but does not supersede, our current line of UL/ULC listed E-model Stat-X aerosol fire suppression units. The Stat-X EX final product is fitted with a choice of factory installed a male stainless steel or brass 90˚ elbow threaded connections. This is applicable for all of our current applications with the exception of the explosive dust concentrate areas.

Protect Your Special Hazards with our automatic fixed fire suppression systems for:


• Oil & Gas
• Military
• Power Generation
• Flammable Liquid and Hazardous

   Material Storage
• Battery Storage
• Laboratories
• Painting
• Transportation

*This certification does not include the Stat-X family of thermal/manual operated units or the Stat-X First Responder portable devices.

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