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Don't let the competition pull the Wool over your eyes.
Other company send you a uniform employee that is not certified and non trained to service, inspect or to install new system.  We are NAPA and factory Trained in Fire Alarm Services. 

Protecting your Investment on land or at sea, we have Factory Trained Personnel in Servicing, Installation, Testing and Inspection

In the areas of fire alarm voice evacuation systems, fire suppression systems, Marine Boats and security systems.

  • NAPA 72 (Fire alarm)  

  • NAPA 2001 (Clean agent)

  • NAPA 10 (Fire Extinguisher)

  • NAPA 17 (Dry chemical) 

  • NAPA 17a (Wet chemical)

DR life Safety provide our customers with leading edge technology,  this is why our company is different from our competitors.  


Other Services Cameras, Access Control Systems, Kitchen Hood, Sprinkler inspection, Marine Vessel Fire alarm system and Fire suppression System in Engine Room.   

DR Safety has been our primary low voltage sub-contractor for hundreds of projects since 1995. They have a reputation for providing turnkey designed systems that meet our budget, exceed our expectations, delight our customers, and never miss occupancy deadlines.”
~Jan H., Senior Cooperative Manager
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